Evolution Solo 0.2mm
Harder & Steenbeck

Evolution Solo 0.2mm

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Evolution - The classic

The Evolution is really special and a hit piece among airbrushes.
It has a solid construction system, excellent workmanship and a smooth dual action function that makes it one of the most used airbrushes since its introduction.
The Evolution is available with a flow system or in the Evolution X variant with a suction feed system in each case as an individual and two-in-one model.
Two in One models contain two sets of nozzles in different sizes, providing fast and flexible unit conversion for all applications.
Like all Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes, the Evolution is also equipped with solvent resistant PTFE seals.

Product characteristics:

Manufacturer: Harder & Steenbeck
Item number: HS-123023
Condition: New original packaging

Evolution Solo

- Needle and nozzle set 0.2 mm
- 2 ml colored cups
- Teflon seals and rings
- Chrome finish
- Airbrush is delivered in a box

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