Acrylic Single Showcase Triple9 1:24
Triple 9

Acrylic Showcase Triple9 1:24

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The Triple9 1:24 Acrylic Single Showcase is the perfect solution to protect and display your car models in 1:24. This unique display case features a black or white base, covered with a durable plastic lid.

The display case is designed to prevent dust from accumulating on your valuable models, ensuring they remain in perfect condition. It allows you to proudly display and evaluate your collection while keeping your models safe and secure.

Triple9 acrylic display cases are stackable, allowing you to create a stunning display of your car models. You can easily attach your models to the base using screws or adhesive, without the need for pre-drilled holes.

Whether you're a dedicated collector or simply want to protect your favorite car models, the Triple9 1:24 Unique Acrylic Showcase is a must-have addition to your collection.

Buy now and improve the visual appeal and protection of your models with this high-quality acrylic display case.

Product Details

Dimensions (approx.)

length 34cm
width 16cm
height 13cm

Inside dimensions:

Length: 33.8 cm bottom / 32.5 cm top (slightly narrows towards the top)
Width: 15.5 cm below / 14.3 cm above (slightly narrows towards the top)
Height: 10.7 cm