Tack Cloth
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Tack Cloth

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Tack Cloth is an essential tool for any painting project. This adhesive cloth is the perfect size for easy handling and efficient cleaning.

Before applying varnishes or varnishes, it is essential to have a clean, dust-free surface. That's where the Pano Tack comes in. With just a light pass, this tack cloth effectively removes all dust and fluff particles, ensuring a smooth, pristine surface for your flooring.

What sets our Tack Cloth apart from others is its reusability. Unlike disposable cloths that need to be thrown away after one use, our Tack Cloth can be used again and again. This makes it not only economical but also environmentally friendly.

But the benefits of our Tack Cloth don't stop there. It's also incredibly versatile, making it a must-have tool for any model maker or artist. In addition to preparing surfaces, you can also use it to clean your airbrush or compressor hose. Doing so significantly reduces static, resulting in less dust buildup on your model.

So why wait? Buy your Tack Cloth now and experience the comfort and effectiveness it provides. Your painting projects will never be the same!

for exclusive use by modelers

Product Details

- Measure per unit 200mm x 120mm
- Pack 2 Unid.
- Adhesion soft.
- Compatible with all paints
- Power, Anti-Static
- Always soft and adherent
- Removes dust, dirt and debris