Fire Scale Modeler

25mm Polishing Disc Coarse


2,00€ EUR


Fire Scale Modeler polishing pads can make paints shine and prepare clear coatings for waxes or varnishes.

- Orange - The aggressive cutting pad. This pad is used to remove heavy scratches and paint defects.
Perfect for leveling the clear coat and preparing it for a finishing.

- Black - The cushion is very soft. It offers slight cutting ability, but we prefer that you use it on our finish buffing with this pad.
It can bring your paint to a full shine and prepare the clear coat for wax or a glaze.

    - Yellow - Cushion is soft. This pad is perfect for applying wax or nail polish. This pad has no cutting ability at all.

    • Specifications:
      Diameter: 25mm/1".
      Thickness: 0.66".
      Backer board size: m6x1.
    • Package:
      2 pcs pads (backer plate not included, sold separately if you need backer plate FM087 )

    SKU: FM088


    2,00€ EUR