Shipping Policies
Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies

Thank you for choosing Fire Scale Modeler for your shopping. Below, we've detailed our shipping policies to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience:


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Progressive Discount:

3% discount on purchases over €50:
Save even more on your next purchase! Simply add products worth 50 euros or more to the cart and automatically receive a 3% discount on the total purchase.

5% discount on purchases over €100:
The more you buy, the more you save! When you spend 100 euros or more on products, receive a generous 5% discount on your total purchase.

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We would like to provide more information about our order fulfillment process to ensure full transparency and understanding from our valued customers.

We understand that our process may seem slow, however, it is important to highlight that each order is handled with the utmost care and attention. Our team strives to process orders on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring that each customer receives the attention they deserve.

Additionally, our products are packaged as orders are processed. We take this meticulous approach to ensure the quality of products you expect and deserve. By not keeping products in stock, we avoid any compromise in the freshness and integrity of the items you purchase from us.

We firmly believe that this practice allows us to offer you the highest quality products while maintaining our reputation for excellence in the market. Your contentment and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we are committed to maintaining these high standards in every interaction we have with you.

We appreciate your continued understanding and support as we work to meet your expectations and needs to the best of our ability. If there are any further questions or concerns you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.


Each product has a card that specifies the description and its sales price including taxes.

The final purchase price or shipping costs may vary depending on the destination area. This is due to the fact that costs may vary depending on the geographic area. In any case, as soon as the customer indicates the delivery address and payment method, the website will offer the exact price. In any case, before accepting an order, the Customer will be informed of all existing costs and exact prices.


Fire Scale Modeler offers free shipping to all customers who meet a minimum order as follows:

The details indicated show the value that Fire Scale Modeler establishes as a minimum for free shipping benefits when ordering for shipping within the country:

Listed below are the minimum purchase value of Fire Scale Modeler products to qualify for discount and free shipping:

- Portugal and Peninsular Spain: When making purchases worth €25 or more, you will automatically receive a 15% discount on the shipping cost and if your purchase reaches or exceeds €39.99, you will enjoy free shipping

- Canary & Balearic Islands and Ceuta/Melilla: When making purchases worth €40 or more, you will automatically receive a 25% discount on the shipping cost and if your purchase reaches or exceeds €69.99, you will enjoy free shipping to any destination.

- European Union & UK - When making purchases worth €50 or more, you will automatically receive a 25% discount on the shipping cost and if your purchase reaches or exceeds €99.99€, you will enjoy free shipping to any destination.

- Rest of the world: When making purchases worth €100 up to €199.99, you will automatically receive a 15% discount on the shipping cost.
Above €200 you will automatically receive a 25% discount on the shipping cost and if your purchase reaches or exceeds €399.99 you will enjoy free shipping


- Increasing Savings: The more you buy, the greater the discount on shipping costs, allowing you to save significantly on your purchases.

- Flexibility of Choice: You have the freedom to choose from a variety of products while taking advantage of progressive discounts on shipping costs.

- Greater Value for Your Money: With generous discounts on shipping costs, you get more value for every Euro spent on your purchases.

The shipping cost is calculated per kilogram (kg) automatically. Here is an example:

1kg = X euros

2 kg = Y euros

Under free shipping terms, a surcharge will apply for orders with compressors weighing more than 5 kg in countries outside the EU.

Once your shopping cart reaches the listed amounts, you will need to select the free shipping checkbox on the Checkout-Shipping page. Furthermore, if you need to mention something related to delivery or have a special request, use the “customer notes” field on the same Checkout-Shipping page, which will be taken into account when processing your order.

Once our order has been placed, there is a period of time to cancel the order until it begins to be processed by warehouse staff. This can be done via email Once the processing status changes to “order Processed”, orders cannot be cancelled. Please keep in mind that orders cannot be modified or combined once placed. If it is necessary to modify the contents of your order, please request to cancel the existing order and place a new order with the correct items and details.

The final price is displayed on the website at the time of ordering, once the payment method and delivery address have been defined.

Fire Scale Modeler will not be responsible for orders that do not contain a real contact telephone number/email. This mandatory field in the order is necessary for the delivery service to contact the customer to deliver the order.

Fire Scale Modeler reserves the right not to accept orders addressed to PO Boxes, which may be cancelled.

Fire Scale Modeler reserves the right to deny service or cancel an order/account to anyone who violates our shipping or payment and goodwill policies.

If your order contains a “pre-order product”, the entire order (all products together) will be shipped as soon as the pre-order product is in stock (check the pre-order product release date on the page of product). Pre-orders cannot be canceled at any time.

Orders cannot be modified once they have been processed and paid for. Make sure to include all required products and place a single order for all of them. All orders are personalized, customer by customer, and we do not follow a mass production line. Each order receives the unique attention it deserves, which may result in a slightly longer processing time.

All prices published on are in euros and taxes are included. Incorrect prices will be updated as soon as the error is detected. Fires Scale Modeler reserves the right to modify prices at any time and modify or cancel any order that contains incorrectly priced products, notifying the customer in advance and offering a friendly alternative to both parties for the purpose of resolving the order.

Sales made by natural or legal persons domiciled in any of the EU countries will be subject to VAT. Purchases made by VAT taxpayers established in any of the countries will be exempt when they send in advance and by any written means a copy of a tax identification number that accredits them as a valid intra-community operator in accordance with the VIES system. Purchases made by natural persons residing in countries that are not members of the European Union, the Canary Islands or Ceuta or Melilla will be exempt from VAT: Any customs expenses that may be accumulated when transporting products from the country of origin to the destination will be subject to VAT. responsibility of the Customer if not otherwise agreed.


It occurs when the Customer gives his/her express consent to the order placed, and after acceptance of the General Conditions.
When activating the order, the customer formalizes a purchase contract for the selected product with Fire Scale Modeler, acquiring the rights and commitments established in the applicable regulations and those provided for in these general contracting conditions.


The moment payment is made is when the purchase is completed and the order is duly registered.
Fire Scale Modeler will provide the customer with several secure payment methods, including:

- Payment by bank transfer
- MBWay System:
- Klarna System:
- Paypal system.
- Skrill System -
- Multibanco System -

Fire Scale Modeler may expand or reduce the number of payment methods at any time.
Fire Scale Modeler does not accept any other payment methods than those mentioned above.
The customer will select the chosen payment method from those available at the time of purchase.


Bank transfers are very practical and safe for delivering money to another person. Therefore, it is only necessary that both people have a bank account. Fire Scale Modeler offers 3% discount on this payment option.

MB WAY is the MULTIBANCO solution that allows you to make purchases online and in physical stores, generate MBNET virtual cards, send, request money and split the bill and you can also use and withdraw money through your smartphone, in your own application or on your channels from the bank.


Buy online anywhere and split your purchases into 3 interest-free installments, a single purchase is a virtual card that can be used in any store that accepts VISA cards, payment upon receipt of the order or payments after 30 days, accepts Visa, Mastercard, all your payments through a single, secure Klarna account


All your payments through a single, secure PayPal account.


Skrill offers a secure way to make online payments across different platforms. Move your money where you want, when you want, on a platform that puts your security first. Make payments without sharing your banking information, Make payments online without relying on your bank. Fire Scale Modeler offers 3% discount on this payment option.


Online shopping is now a safe and convenient method to purchase all the products you need. References MULTIBANK security is guaranteed, as there is no sharing of banking data between the consumer and the merchant.


Order delivery times depend on the geographic location of the order delivery:
For the peninsula and Balearic Islands, delivery will be made within 5 to 7 days with door-to-door service.
For the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, delivery will be made within 3 to 5 days with door-to-door service (customs included).
- Delivery in Portugal and Spain will be made within 24 hours Portugal to 72 hours Spain*, with door-to-door service (customs included).
- For the Canary Islands, delivery will be made within 5 to 7 days*, with door-to-door service (customs included).
- For collection at Atelier Fire Scale Modeler (only available in Portugal), the processing time will be 24 hours from the end of payment for the order. Harvest on a day to be arranged and scheduled.
- Delivery to the rest of Europe will be made within 3 to 5 days*.
In the rest of the world, delivery will depend on restrictions in the destination country.
However, delay in delivery will not imply any compensation and will only give the Customer the power to cancel the order when the circumstances described in the 'RETURNS' section of these conditions occur. Any penalty clause for delay introduced by the Customer in their order is null and void. Both parties expressly exclude the exercise of any claim for loss of profits.

*Note: All deadlines mentioned above will be after the order has been processed and collected at our facilities by the carrier)

Orders will be delivered by a transport company to the delivery address indicated by the Customer and to the person indicated as recipient.
In addition to the delivery note, the Customer will receive a purchase invoice with each order, either within the shipping packaging or together with the product shipped. In some cases, it will be sent by email.
If the invoice is missing, the Customer may request it by email to, indicating the name of the invoice holder and the order number, which will be sent to the email address indicated.

If any order suffers any impediment or processing impediment, Fire Scale Modeler will contact the customer via the email indicated on the order in question. Please check your email at least 48/72 hours after placing your order, however, please be aware that, at certain times, there is high demand for our products, which may result in delays in processing orders. We want to assure you that we are dedicating every effort to ensure that each order is produced with care, maintaining our commitment to quality.

It is important to highlight that our process is personalized, client by client, and we do not follow a mass production line. Each order receives the unique attention it deserves, which may result in a slightly longer processing time.

We understand how important these products are to you and appreciate your patience and understanding as we work tirelessly to speed up the process. We remain committed to providing exceptional products and positive experiences.