Water Base Colors
Water Base Colors

Water Base Colors

Product Description:
Turn your passion for modeling into masterpieces with the Fire Scale Modeler line! Our water-based paints are the perfect choice for model makers looking for ease, quality and efficiency. With easy application, exceptional coverage, quick drying and impressive durability, you'll get professional results with every project. Plus, our fragrance-free formula makes the process pleasant and safe, and cleanup is simple with tap water. Choose Fire Scale Modeler and unleash your creativity with our wide variety of colors. Compliant with EU environmental guidelines, save time and material. Get it now and bring your models to life!

If you are looking for a quality, odor-free paint that you can use at home with a quality result and little effort, the Water Colors Fire Scale Modeler line is a great choice. They are easy to use, offer excellent results and are available in a wide range of colors.

Fire Scale Colors water-based paints offer many advantages such as high quality, color variety and safety, but they also have some disadvantages such as the need for primer and varnish, slower drying and careful storage. The choice to use these paints will depend on the individual preferences and needs of the modeler.


High Quality Guaranteed: Fire Scale Colors paints are produced with high quality components that meet European standards. They are formulated with ultra-fine pigments and state-of-the-art resins, ensuring exceptional painting results.

Wide Variety of Colors: These paints offer a wide range of colors, including solid, metallic and pearlescent options. This variety allows modelers to personalize their designs, making them truly unique.

Pre-Thinned for Ease of Use: Fire Scale Colors paints are pre-diluted, which significantly simplifies the airbrush painting process. This eliminates the need for additional dilution, providing convenience to modelers.

Odorless and Safe Formula: Thanks to their odorless formula, these paints can be used safely in domestic environments, minimizing concerns about toxic fumes.

Excellent Coverage Power: With incredible opacity and filling capacity, a 30ml bottle can paint up to 3 models at 1:24 scale. Two thin layers are enough to ensure perfect coverage.

Durability and Resistance: These paints are known for their durability and resistance to wear, making them ideal for models that last over time.

Accessible to Inexperienced Modelers: Despite their high quality, Fire Scale Colors paints are easy to use, making them suitable even for modelers with little experience.

Flexible Compatibility: They are generally compatible with other brands on the market, providing flexibility for patternmakers to mix and match colors.

Simple Airbrush Cleaning: Cleaning the airbrush after use is uncomplicated, requiring only running water. This results in savings and practicality.

Custom Colors Available: Model makers have the freedom to request custom colors to meet their specific project needs.

Reasonable Cost Compared to Quality: Although they may seem more expensive compared to other options on the market, their cost-effectiveness and superior quality make up for it, making them an overall low-cost choice.

International Availability: Paints are available for international shipping, making them accessible to modelers around the world.


Need to Apply Primer: Before applying the paints, it is necessary to use a water-based primer, adding an extra step to the painting process.

Slower Drying: Compared to solvent-based paints, water-based paints tend to dry more slowly, especially at lower temperatures.

Need for Varnish to Fix: It is essential to apply a varnish to fix the color, which can be considered an additional step in the painting process.

Attention to Low Temperatures: It is important to avoid very low temperatures when using these paints, as this can prolong the drying time.

Careful Storage: Although they do not have a specific expiration date, it is crucial to store paints in a cool, dry place to prevent evaporation over time and ensure their durability.

Instructions for use:
Dilution: It is not necessary to dilute Fire Scale Colors paints, as they are already pre-diluted for use in airbrushes. They have the ideal consistency for airbrushing.

Smell: Fire Scale Colors water-based paints are odorless, but it is recommended to wear a mask during application, especially in a well-ventilated area.

Primer: It is highly recommended to use a water-based primer before applying paints. This helps seal the plastic and creates a surface for the paint to adhere to.

Drying: Avoid using hot air to dry paints as this can create problems. Use cool or room temperature air to ensure proper drying.

Varnish: Always apply a varnish after painting to fix the color. A 2K clear coat is recommended for a high quality finish.

Humidity and Temperature Care: Water-based paints dry more slowly at very low temperatures. High humidity is not a problem, but avoid very low temperatures.

Airbrush Cleaning: You can clean the airbrush with the same brand water-based paint cleaner or tap water. Other additives can be used, but with caution.

Painting Removal: It is possible to remove paintwork with isopropyl alcohol without damaging the plastic of the model.

Shelf life: Fire Scale Colors paints do not have a specific expiration date, but keep the bottle closed and stored in a cool, dry place.

Compatibility with Other Colors: Fire Scale Colors paints are generally compatible with other brands, but it is advisable to test on a small part of the model to be sure.

Air Pressure: An air pressure of between 1.5 and 2 bar is recommended when using an airbrush to spray Fire Scale Colors paints.

Airbrush Nozzle: A nozzle size of at least 0.2mm to 0.4mm is recommended to achieve good coverage and even spraying.

Health and Safety Notes:
Work in a well-ventilated area and wear a protective mask.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.
Use suitable gloves.
Keep out of reach of children.
In case of poisoning, contact emergency services.
Recommended only for modelers over 18 years old.

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines, and it's important to follow the manufacturer's specific instructions and consider your personal experience when working with paint and scale models.