Clamp baseplate

Clamp baseplate



24,50€ EUR



The AT-TVB Clamp Baseplate is a companion piece to the previously mentioned AT-TVA Precision Stainless Steel Clamp. While the clamp is responsible for holding small and delicate parts during the process of assembling, painting or detailing models, the baseplate provides a stable and firm surface to attach the clamp.

This base is designed to provide a solid platform on which the clamp can be mounted, ensuring stability while working. The baseplate often has pre-drilled holes or slots where the clamp can be securely attached, offering flexibility to adjust the position of the clamp according to the user's needs.

The baseplate's main function is to increase the clamp's effectiveness and precision by providing a stable surface for working with small, delicate parts. This is especially useful for modelers who deal with detailed projects that require precision and care during assembly and painting.

Overall, the AT-TVB Clamp Baseplate is an essential piece to complement the AT-TVA Clamp, providing a complete solution for securing and working with small and delicate parts in model making projects.