Degreaser Free Silicone
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Degreaser Free Silicone



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Degreaser free of silicones to plastics and metals. Removes grease, oil or teflon, prevents optimum adhesion of the subsequent coatings.

  • A cleaning and degreasing agent for all metallic and plastic surfaces
  • Removes grease, silicone, oils and teflon
  • Provides optimal adhesion to the applied coatings
  • Prevents formation of silicone craters while painting

Silicone remover is free cleaning and degrease agent for all metallic and plastic materials. It should be applied by spraying, a brush, a cloth, or a sponge. Colourless and unthinned.

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  • For exclusive use and sale to pattern makers (18 years old).
  • Colors may change from screen to screen, we formulate the original colors.

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