Disc Plate 25mm
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Disc Plate 25mm

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A disc plate for Dremel or other machines is a type of accessory that can be used with a Dremel rotary tool to hold buffing pads or sandpaper. The disc plate has a 1/8" shank that fits the Dremel collet and has a threaded hole in the center that allows you to attach a variety of buffing pads or sanding discs.

It allows you to use a variety of polishing pads and sanding discs with your rotary tool.

It provides a secure and stable platform to hold the polishing pad or sanding disc in place.

Helps keep the polishing pad or sanding disc from slipping or turning as you work.

If you're looking for a way to improve your polishing or sanding results with your rotary tool, a disc plate is a great option.

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