Electric Fushsia Candy 400ml
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Electric Fushsia Candy 400ml



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Bring your projects to life with our incredible candy colors! Our line of candy colors offers a touch of vibrancy and unique style to any surface. With soft, translucent tones, our bright candy colors are the ideal choice for adding an eye-pleasing finish.

Vibrant and translucent, candy colors offer exceptional depth and luminosity, adding a captivating shine.

Soft and Attractive Finish, with their candy-like appearance, these colors provide a soft and attractive finish, perfect for highlighting details and adding a touch of personality.

Application Versatility, ideal for a variety of surfaces, from custom vehicles to decoration projects, allowing for a wide range of creative applications.

Unique Style, add a special touch to any project with the captivating and modern appearance of candy colors.

Durability and Resistance, in addition to their beauty, our candy colors offer durability and resistance, guaranteeing a high quality finish over time.

Wide Range of Options, choose from a wide variety of candy tones to express your creativity in a unique way.

Experience the magic of candy colors and take your project to a new level of style and originality!

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Product Details

Surface Preparation, make sure that the pearlized or metallic layer has been applied and is completely dry before starting to apply the candy color.

Applying Layers of Candy Varnish, apply between 2 and 4 layers of candy color, depending on the desired effect. To achieve a more intense or darker effect, apply more layers.
Apply the first layers thinner, gradually increasing the amount.
Apply very evenly to ensure an even finish.

Impact of Number of Layers, remember that the more layers of candy color that are applied, the darker the color will become.

Final Coating, mandatory to apply an additional coat of 2K varnish. However, if you notice an "orange peel" effect or lack of shine, follow these additional steps:
After 24 hours, if necessary, gently sand the surface with 1200-grit sandpaper and water to smooth out any imperfections.

Apply a final coat of standard clear varnish to ensure a glossy, lacquered finish.

Make sure to follow these instructions carefully to get the desired effect when applying candy nail polish.