Electrical pen

Electrical pen



32,50€ EUR



ES-P Refillable pen designed for milling, sanding and similar tasks. Let's detail the features:

Rechargeable: This rotary tool can be charged using the supplied USB cable, which is convenient and eliminates the need for disposable batteries.

Fast Charging: Charges up to 80% in 30 minutes and reaches full charge (100%) in 60 minutes, allowing for quick recharge times between uses.

Operating Time: When fully charged, it offers approximately 1 hour of operation at the highest speed, making it suitable for multiple tasks without frequent recharging.

Drill Head Compatibility: The tool is compatible with drill heads with a shank diameter of 3mm, providing versatility for different applications.

Variable Speeds: It has three different speed settings, allowing users to adjust the speed according to the specific task and material they are working on.

Lightweight: The tool is described as very light to use, which improves user comfort and reduces fatigue during prolonged use.

Included Accessories: Comes with a USB charging cable and Allen wrench for convenience.

Compatibility Note: It is important to note that DSPIAE DB drills do not fit this chuck, indicating compatibility limitations with specific accessories.

Overall, this rechargeable rotary tool seems to offer a convenient and versatile solution for various milling, sanding and drilling tasks, especially suitable for hobby enthusiasts, craftsmen and DIYers.