Evolution ALplus Two in One
Harder & Steenbeck

Evolution ALplus Two in One

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Light and airy: First aluminum airbrush Evolution ALplus

Harder & Steenbeck adds a whole new meaning to the term "air brush": The brand new Evolution ALplus is Harder & Steenbeck's first airbrush made from aluminium, giving it an almost airy weight of only 56g, just about half as much as a traditional airbrush. And its design is striking as well, with a stylish matte black finish accentuated by chromed open needle cap, cup, lever and centre ring. The Evolution ALplus is available as a solo model with 0.2 mm fine line nozzle set and 2 ml flow cup and as a Two in One version with an additional 0.4 mm nozzle set and 5 ml flow cup. Other than that, the ALplus has all of the Evolution CRplus models' tried and tested ergonomics, features and functionalities.

Evolution ALplus Two in One

Item no.: 126265

  • > fine line nozzle sets 0.2 and 0.4 mm
  • > color cups 2 ml & 5ml
  • > ALU Eloxal
  • > black
  • > PTFE seals

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