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Evolution CRplus 0.15


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Evolution CRplus - The Chrome Edition

Evolution CRplus combines elegance with maximum strength;
It has a high quality triple coating with a chrome finish. In addition to its elegant appeal, the chrome plating minimizes allergy risks for anyone who has had problems with nickel equipment.
In addition, the Evolution CRplus is fully solvent resistant and equipped with PTFE seals for the nozzle, needle, cup gasket and valve.
The Evolution CRplus is available with a 0.15, 0.2 or 0.4 mm nozzle set or as a Two-in-One variant.

Product characteristics:

Manufacturer: Harder & Steenbeck
Item number: HS-126204
Condition: New original packaging

Evolution CRplus

- Set of 0.15 mm needle and tip
- 2 ml cup
- Triple coating
- Teflon seals and rings
- Chrome finish
- Airbrush is delivered in a box

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