Evolution CRplus twin action
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Evolution CRplus twin action

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Evolution CRplus twin action

The unique Evolution CRplus twin action was designed with cooperation by well-known make-up artist Enrico Lein. This airbrush offers many practical advantages which are especially useful for fast working body painters and T-shirt artists. The design allows the simultaneous spraying of two different paints, without having to set the airbrush down, without cleaning or refilling. The airbrush is equipped with two 5ml gravity feed cups, 0.4 mm nozzles and 0.6 mm needles. This nozzle-set combination prevents the needle from penetrating too far and makes it therefore safe for work on live models.

Evolution CRplus twin action

Item no.: 126304

  • > nozzles 0.4 mm with needles 0.6 mm
  • > color cups with lids 2x 5 ml
  • > triple coating
  • > chrome-finish
  • > PTFE seals

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