Ferrari 599XX 1:24
Alpha Model

Ferrari 599XX 1:24

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Experience the adrenaline of the 599XX Evo from the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, now meticulously recreated in the Alpha Model Kit. Inspired by Ferrari's Formula One prowess, this miniature masterpiece mirrors the track-only innovation, with a radical aero redesign, electronic upgrades, and Pirelli racing slicks.

Weighing 35 kg less than its predecessor, the Alpha Model captures the essence of the Evo's agility. With a peak power of 750 PS and an automatic-adjusting rear wing for enhanced cornering, this kit embodies the thrill of the race track. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of racing history – order your Alpha Model now and bring the legend to your collection!

Pre-order kit avaiable January 2024