Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta 1:24
Alpha Model

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta 1:24

SKU: AM02-0053


179,00€ EUR



Pré-order, Available in February

Elevate your model car collection with the upcoming release of the Alpha Model AM 02-0053 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta 1/24 scale model car kit. This precision-crafted kit captures the essence of the iconic LaFerrari Aperta, delivering unparalleled detail and accuracy.

Why Choose Alpha Model:

  1. Specialization: Alpha Models specializes exclusively in sports cars, race cars, and supercars, ensuring a focus on precision and accuracy.
  2. Photo-Etch and Decals: Our kits include meticulously crafted photo-etch parts and decals for added realism.
  3. Accuracy: We prioritize accuracy, constantly referencing the real car to create the most faithful representation.
  4. Materials: Finest resin material is used to minimize shrinkage issues, delivering a realistic final product.

1/24 Scale Model Car Kit Features:

  • Lithographically detailed parts for a realistic interior.
  • Resin wheels with rubber tires for authenticity.
  • Acetate and vacuum-formed glass parts.
  • Photo-etched detail parts and decals for the finishing touches.

Get Ready to Showcase Your Skills: If you're passionate about building car models, the 1/24 scale model car kit of the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is a must-have. Unleash your modeling prowess with this incredible kit, available for delivery starting in February.

Stay tuned for updates on pre-orders and be among the first to own this extraordinary piece of automotive excellence.

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