Fine Wool Polishing
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Fine Wool Polishing

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Wool Polishing Brush

The ideal tool to polish your model
The Wool Polishing Brush is an ideal tool for polishing models. Its softness and smoothness prevent the paint from being damaged, even in small areas.

Suitable for small areas;
- Soft so as not to damage the paint;
- Leaves a super shiny finish.

With the wool polishing brush you can give your model a super shiny finish.

Product Details

Material: wool brush + metal rod
Head diameter: 25 mm * 15 mm / 1 * 3/5 inches
Stem: 3 * 40 mm / 1/8" * 1-3 / 5" (Diameter * Height)
Pack contains 2 units.
Prepare the model by cleaning it with a mild soap and water solution.
Apply a small amount of polish to the wool brush.
Gently dust the template in a circular motion.
Wipe off any excess polish with a clean cloth.

Use light pressure when polishing. Excessive pressure can damage the paintwork.
Work in a circular motion to ensure the polish is applied evenly.
Wipe away any excess polish immediately to prevent it from drying and hardening on the model.
Be careful not to apply polish to moving parts of the model.