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Harder & Steenbeck

GIRALDEZ Infinity Solo

SKU: 129504


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Angel wanted us to create an airbrush which would immediately improve the results of painters of all experience levels, and make it easier for them to adopt his style of airbrushing.  It had to remain accessible and easy to use for ALL painters.

Our design goals were  MAXIMUM CONTROL, ACCURACY & FEEL in Miniature Painting, particularly when using Angel’s style of “colour sketching” – repeated on/off use of the trigger in small shots of colour layers to sketch and gradually build colour in perfect tones, with a high detail capability.



A phenomenally direct feel between your finger on the trigger, and the needle motion and response. We’ve achieved this by revisiting every part in the trigger to needle linkage, and optimising it.

The trigger has a new concept of miniature lubricant reservoirs machined into the bearing surfaces of the needle carriage system to ensure the trigger action is smoother and more responsive than ever before throughout the longest painting sessions.




A new concept of needle cap - our Sketching Caps - to help control distance from the workpiece whilst providing more visual information at the front of the airbrush to help you perfectly aim your strokes to land colour exactly where you want it.

The Sketching Caps allow you to remove any dried paint from your needle tip by pinching it. You cannot bend the needle - the shape of the Sketching Cap guides your fingertips perfectly. A clean needle tip prevents paint clogs from ever forming in your nozzle, keeping your workflow fast, enjoyable and efficient.



We have radically shortened the front of the airbrush, bringing your hand as close as possible to the workpiece, for that intuitive paintbrush feel. This picture shows a GIRALDEZ INFINITY with a standard Infinity - the GIRALDEZ is the lower airbrush.

The needle bearing is now made from an even lower friction material to ensure almost no drag on the needle, for total control  through the trigger. 

And finally, to expand on Harder & Steenbeck’s legendary ease of use and performance – the needle bearing seal has now moved to be directly adjacent to the paint cup. This ensures that paint cleans out from the airbrush faster and more completely than ever before, and the front end of the needle is supported in true centre as close as possible to the nozzle. Sharper lines, and finer atomisation to create a masterpiece for the modern Miniature Painter.

The GIRALDEZ INFINITY comes finished in our CRplus triple chrome plate, with a 2ml paint cup and the Fineline 0.2mm head. Increase your versatility even more by purchasing the accessory set of the 0.4mm Fineline head and the micro-cup. And of course, look after your GIRALDEZ INFINITY with the stable and secure Display Stand, in matching finishes.

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