Masking Tape 25mm
Fire Scale Modeler

Masking Tape 25mm

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Precision Tape - Your Ultimate Solution for Precision Masking!

Precision Tape is a high performance tape designed to meet all your masking needs. Developed specifically to provide exceptional results, this tape is the ideal partner for achieving perfect paint lines on your projects, without worrying about residue or breakage during application or removal. Its superior formulation ensures a clean and hassle-free working experience.

With Precision Tape, you can create flawless paint lines on a wide variety of surfaces, including molded plastic, glass, metal, rubber, and painted surfaces. The specially formulated adhesive ensures crisp lines and a professional-grade finish on all your jobs.

The tape offers excellent transfer resistance, solid adhesion and remarkable tensile strength, ensuring it stays in place throughout the painting process.

Don't compromise on quality when it comes to mascara! Precision Tape offers high grip, making it ideal for handling curves with ease. It delivers exceptional paint lines, ensuring your projects look perfect from every angle. And when it comes time to remove, this tape leaves no unsightly residue on your valuable pieces.

Fire Scale Modeler's Masking Tape is the perfect choice for achieving precision and perfection in all of your automotive projects. Don't waste any more time; purchase now to experience the difference first hand!

Product Details


Product Details:

Width: 25mm
Length: 20m
Yellow color

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