Mclaren P1 1:24
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Mclaren P1 - 1:24

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The mass production version of McLaren P1 will be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. After the exposure of the official interior image, McLaren recently released the official image of the new car. The new car adopts a minimalist all-carbon fiber interior design, and the lightweight body design is one of the characteristics of the new car. In terms of appearance, there is almost no difference between the McLaren P1 mass production model and the concept model. In the interior, in order to make the driver concentrate, the new car adopts a minimalist interior design style, a digital instrument panel and a touch multimedia system, and a large number of carbon fiber materials

  • This 1/24 scale model car kit Mclaren P1 resin car body parts purchased through Alpha Model, This 1/24 scale model car kit Mclaren P1 scale car model has been highly praised by many model enthusiasts, Photo-ethed detail parts fine workmanship, no burrs and blemishes, the overall paint is uniform.