Mini Photo Etch Bender

Mini Photo Etch Bender



39,49€ EUR



The AT-MPB Mini Photo Etch Bender is a tool designed for modelers and hobbyists who work with photo etch parts in their projects. Photoetching is a process of producing very fine, detailed parts often used in plastic models, plastic model kits, model making kits, and other similar projects.

This mini press brake is specifically designed to facilitate precise and controlled bending of these photo-engraved parts. Small, thin parts can be difficult to bend accurately using conventional tools, and this is where the AT-MPB comes into play.

The main feature of this product is its ability to bend photo-engraving parts precisely and easily, thanks to its compact and functional design. It allows model makers to bend parts at precise angles, ensuring a clean and professional assembly of their models.

Furthermore, the AT-MPB Mini Photo Etch Bender is designed to be durable and easy to use, providing an efficient and reliable working experience for users.

Overall, this tool is essential for model makers who work with photo-engraved parts and want to achieve high-quality results in their projects.