Offer Maintenance Airbrush
Offer Maintenance Airbrush

Offer Maintenance Airbrush

Fire Scale Modeler when purchasing a Harder & Steenbeck airbrush offers maintenance to the airbrush purchased in our online store
Fire Scale Modeler's policy is not just the sale of airbrushes, but their perfect use and maintenance.

How can you take advantage of the offer?

Just send us your airbrush to the address indicated below and if possible with the invoice information (just send the invoice number).

Airbrush shipping cost?

The cost of shipping to our facilities is at the customer's expense, however shipping from our facilities to the customer's home is free of charge.

Parts replacement?

Yes, we only replace worn orings.
All parts damaged such as nozzles, needles, or other parts due to misuse will be the responsibility of the customer.

Shipping address,

Fire Scale Modeler
Rua dos Moleiros, Lot 14 - Varatojo
2560-237 Torres Vedras - Portugal

If you need further clarification, let us know by our email