AT-TH 3.175mm Tool holder

AT-TH 3.175mm Tool holder



18,50€ EUR



DSPIAE's AT-TH Tool Holder is a tool holder designed to accommodate drills and other accessories with a shank diameter of 3.175 mm (or 1/8 inch). Essentially, it is used to ensure the stability and safety of tools during the cutting or engraving process.

Main features:

Size Compatibility: Designed to accommodate tools with a shank diameter of 3.175mm, which is a widely used standard in various engraving applications.

Secure hold: Provides a firm and stable hold for the tool, ensuring its stability during use. This is crucial to ensure accurate, high-quality results when cutting or engraving.

Durability: Constructed from tough and durable materials, the tool holder is designed to resist wear and tear and provide a long service life.

Versatility: Can be used with a variety of tools, including cutting bits, milling cutters, engraving bits and other accessories with the same shank diameter. This offers versatility in different types of cutting or engraving jobs.

Ease of Use: Designed to be easy to install and remove, allowing for quick tool changes during the work process.

Overall, DSPIAE's AT-TH Tool Holder is a must-have for precision cutting or engraving. It provides a reliable solution for keeping tools in place and ensuring consistent, high-quality results.