Ultra 2024
Harder & Steenbeck

Ultra 2024

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ULTRA 2024 brings into focus all of Harder & Steenbeck's huge investments in our engineering over the last 5 years with a set of revolutionary features.

It will support your first few sessions and maintain and enhance our reputation for creating highly refined, yet reliable and easy to use airbrushes that can paint at the highest level of artistry.

Harder & Steenbeck's modular system means that if you want to upgrade your front end to a higher detail configuration later, even the Infinity airbrush's famous FineLine head system can be used on your Ultra.

The airbrush comes with our new 0.45mm head assembly, which surpasses the detail capability of our previous 0.4mm headset while offering greater ease of use and painting versatility. And of course, in the true spirit of H&S, the new system is fully backwards compatible for those who already own H&S airbrushes.

You'll appreciate the practicality of the supplied 5ml cup, but if you want an uninterrupted line of sight for high detail, simply remove the 5ml cup and take advantage of the micro cup attachment integrated into the airbrush body for small amounts of color. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community of creatives and hope to see your first airbrush work soon on our social media platforms!

Watch our painting process video to see how you can start airbrushing and have a beautifully prepared, primed and highlighted piece in your first airbrushing session, thanks to solutions designed specifically geared toward your first few sessions. We won't detail the features here as they will be better explained by watching our painting process video – this is a follow-up to your first painting session with us!

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