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Fire Scale Modeler


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Resin polishing wax is one of the most effective products to apply by hand, thanks to the powerful polish it incorporates.

In addition, the wax largely protects the ink, leaving an excellent shine.

For many, a product that works best by hand has yet to be made. Judge for yourself!

The Fire Scale Colors range provides very good quality products at more than reasonable prices, so offering it was a must for us! In terms of value for money, Fire Scale Colors never fails!

10gr packaging


The pastes must be applied after applying the varnish, pay attention that the varnish must be very dry before applying the pastes.

- 1st A light pass with wet 1500, 2000 and 4000 grit sandpaper throughout the model, pay attention to sharper edges of the model, do not press the sand paper against the model too much.

- 2nd Application Coarse compound putty with cloth or a make-up pad on the entire model and check if imperfections or dust particles are removed.

- 3rd Application Fine compound mass with cloth or a make-up disc on the entire model and here you will already notice the shine.

- 4th Application of compound finish putty with cloth or a make-up pad on the entire model, in this process you will notice an intense shine.

- 5th This process is optional, the wax will protect the painting from moisture and sunlight and intensify the shine.

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