Mazda RX7 FD VEILSIDE 1:24
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Mazda RX7 FD VEILSIDE 1:24

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The special version of Mazda RX-7 - RX-7 VeilSide, which is operated by VeilSide, a local Japanese refitting factory, is almost impossible to see the appearance of RX-7 itself with its performance explosive wide-body kit and unique body coating, but even so, RX-7 VeilSide still has many loyal supporters! VeilSide, a Japanese automotive aftermarket company, once provided automotive suspension and engine modification services, and now focuses on automotive interior and body modification, which can effectively improve the aerodynamic performance of vehicles while taking into account the aesthetic feeling. The VS logo at the car logo is the two capital letters in VeilSide, and the black and white color match is very cool.

  • This Mazda RX7 FD VEILSIDE resin car body parts purchased through Alpha Model, This 1/24 Mazda RX7 FD VEILSIDE scale car model has been highly praised by many model enthusiasts, Photo-ethed detail parts fine workmanship, no burrs and blemishes, the overall paint is uniform.