Fire Scale Modeler, having a judicious management of its finances, for this reason we chose not to stock some products that we believe are non-urgent products and its stock will mean that other products we consider urgent may not be permanently in our stocks. .

We place these products in pre-order and this can be requested and this will be requested from the manufacturer, which normally within +- 5 working days is delivered to our facilities, as compensation from us for having to wait for your item, we offer a 10% discount + shipping costs (See exemption conditions below.) on pre-order purchases.

However, if you want to formalize the pre-order, send us an email to request the items you want, we will need your details such as address, telephone, as well as a 50% payment on the pre-order and the another 50% when sending the order, remembering that shipping is free (See exemption conditions below.) on pre-orders.
The 50% payment can be made by Bank Transfer, MBWay, Multibanco (only for Portugal) or Paypal, let us know which option is best for you and we will send you the payment details as well as the respective pre-order proof for your email.

If you need further clarification, please contact us through the normal channels

(*) - Minimum purchases for free shipping from €39 Portugal & Spain | 100€ Europe ** | 300€ Rest of the World**

(**) - Not applicable when purchasing compressors or items over 5kg.